Native Plants - Book Review Edmonton Horticultural Societyby Lyndon Penner. Published by Brush Education, 2016.

Reviewed by Jane Starr

Lyndon Penner packs a lot into this book, but you’ll enjoy every word. Well, maybe not the word “invasive” but all the rest are excellent. Trust me.

There aren’t enough books on gardening that are specifically for Alberta, but this is a really good one. Lyndon inspires and educates in his usual friendly and enthusiastic way, explaining the importance of protecting native plants in the wild, their value in the garden, and how to use them in garden design. There are sections on plants for sun and shade, with descriptions, pros and cons, and information on growing conditions. There is a short but handy section of lists: plants for butterflies, hummingbirds, song birds, bees, plants that provide nest materials and food, plants for fall colour and winter interest, groundcovers, drought-resistant plants, plants for cutting and bouquets, fragrant plants, and more.

I also liked the interviews with gardeners who use native plants in public spaces and parks in Alberta. It’s inspiring to see what can be done, and how beautiful it is.

There are attractive colour photos throughout the book.

The only problem I had with this book is that it made me want to grow everything in it, and I don’t have the space!