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We recognize that gardeners’ interests are as diverse as the demographics of the gardening community and we strive to appeal to those interests, guided by the three EHS pillars:

Urban BeautificationFood GardeningSustainable Gardening

Some of the programs and events are long-standing and refreshed regularly to stay abreast of evolving gardening trends, including our flagship Garden Tour, Open Gardens, Perennial Exchange, and Speaker’s Series. New events such as Small Talks and Members Meet are being introduced to appeal to the interests of our membership.

Check the calendar below often and plan to attend EHS events.

In a spirit of collaboration and inclusiveness, and in an effort to keep local gardeners informed about the many opportunities to learn, enjoy, grow and beautify in the community, EHS encourages our affiliate gardening groups, discounters and other non-profit organizations to submit information about their gardening events, activities and courses for consideration as a posting on our calendar.

To submit your event for inclusion, please click on Post Your Event at the top right of the calendar. Your event will be posted after it has been approved by the webmaster. An image upload is not required, but it makes your event listing look more interesting so you should upload your logo or a photo relevant to the event.



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