Front Yards in Bloom: Winterscapes is back!

Individuals, families, and groups can participate by building a winterscape in the front yard of their residence, community hall, office, business, or school. This program is open to all Edmontonians.

Nominate your own or a neighbour’s winterscape for a Winterscape Award by submitting a photo through the City of Edmonton Winterscapes website. Nominations are also entered into a weekly prize draw during the nomination period, which is January 15 – February 25, 2018. For more information on building a winterscape, check out our website at Browse through last year’s finalists for inspiration! Looking for more ideas? There is a book for that! See this book review and start gathering ideas for your “winterscape” garden.

Check out the three categories below to help you decide what kind of winterscape to build
Listed below are the three categories that you can nominate a winterscape in. Sometimes checking out the category descriptions can help you decide how you will build your winterscape. Others find it easier to just start on a winterscape and pick the closest description once they nominate.

Winter Garden

These natural-looking winterscapes feature landscaped yards with visible plants, snow, ice, and wildlife-friendly features.  Yards may also include garden decorations, accessories, colour, and lights.

Winter Art

These yards feature creative winter scenes and snow/ice sculptures.  Add plant materials, colour and lights, and use your vivid imagination to create an artistic winterscape!

Winter Play

These fun and kid-friendly winterscapes have playful features, and may include snow slides, snow forts, colourful snow/ice art, tree ornaments, lights, and much more.