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Garden Competition

The Garden Competition is not being held in 2017 as we invest time to refresh the popular Program. EHS is seeking a new Program Lead so should you have an interest in redesigning or contributing to the Garden Competiton please use the Contact Us form and choose “Volunteer” from the drop-down list.


About the Competition

EHS hosts the Garden Competition, which exemplifies our commitment to gardeners and gardening in the greater Edmonton area. The program strives to recognize excellence in gardening, the use of sustainable gardening practices, and gardeners for their passion and devotion to their gardens..

The judges rate each garden, scoring it based on aesthetics, plant variety and condition, neatness, and unique features. The Competition Booklet lists the criteria for each category. Competitors receive an assessment containing their score for each criteria and copies of the judges’ comments, which are great for improving your score and your garden for next year.

A Program with Heart

The ingredients of a successful Competition include:

  • Dedicated team of trained and experienced volunteer judges who rise to the challenge each year,
  • Photographers who enhance competitors’ gardens with their photographic eye, and
  • Most of all, the proud gardener who enters their garden creations which inspire all with their skill, hard work and love of gardening.

EHS sincerely appreciate the efforts of everyone involved.  Without any of these ingredients the Competition would not be the success it is!

An Entry Class for Everyone

Entry classes vary from year to year, responding to the evolving gardening environment. Previous classes include:   

  • Complete yards
  • Features such as water gardens, containers, edible gardens, living walls, plant collections, and
  • Children’s gardens.

When the competition is being held, a competition entry booklet will be available on the website, at EHS events, and at selected garden-related businesses around Edmonton. It lists all the classes, the terms and conditions, scoring criteria, tips to improve your scores, an entry form, and more.

Competition Terms and Conditions: Be sure to read the booklet carefully before entering. There may be changes from year to year and penalties may apply if rules are missed. For example, points will be lost if plants that appear on the Alberta noxious weed list are included in the garden.


Visit Contact Us and select “Garden Competition” from the Subject drop-down box. The email will be sent to our Garden Competition Program Lead for response.

See Previous Winners

See winning gardens from previous years in our Gallery. Some of the winning gardens have been profiled in Gardener’s Gate, too.


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