EHS and the HeartBleed Bug

We understand that our financial agent, PayPal, was not exposed to the HeartBleed bug. So anyone who has joined or renewed their membership or made any other purchase online through the EHS store has not been exposed through their use of PayPal. We are continuing to monitor the situation.

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EHS Speaker Series: April

April 28 --- Best Groundcovers and Vines for the Prairies with Hugh Skinner, Horticulturalist and Author from Manitoba
Groundcovers and vines perform important functions in the landscape and contribute to a finished look in the garden. Hugh’s presentation was developed in conjunction with the publication of Best Groundcovers and Vines co-authored with Sara Williams. See EHS Speaker Series for more details.

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Need to know what grows well here? when’s the best time to start your seeds? identify a plant that just volunteered in your perennial bed? Or do you just want to share some of your successes and non-successes in gardening in the greater Edmonton area? Whatever it is…whenever you need to talk to other gardeners, think about the EHS Gardeners’ Community Forum. Get started now or read more here.

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