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Join us for a fun evening outdoors at the W. P Wagner School Orchard learning about fruit tree pruning and care from Alex McCormick of TreeLink.

Alex will share his tips, tricks and best practices for training and maintaining healthy fruit trees in our cold climate. He will start with a demo and then be open to answer all of your questions at the end. 

$10 on Eventbrite

About Alex:

Alex is a Board Certified Master Arborist with the International Society of Arboriculture as well as holding a Master’s degree in Agroforestry. He has been working with Edmonton’s trees for the last 18 years including various roles with a tree nursery and a large arborist company. He is the founder of TreeLink Arboriculture, a local company focused on tree pruning, tree planting and tree education. He specializes in young tree training and fruit tree pruning and has provided numerous workshops and programs on these subjects with Edmonton based organizations over the last 5 years. He currently volunteers with two local orchards, helping keep these spaces healthy and productive. He believes that urban trees provide a way for people to connect with nature, right in their own back yard and seeks to cultivate this connection in his professional and volunteer work.

About the W. P Wagner School Orchard:

Natural Science (formerly Horticulture) is a CTS program at W.P. Wagner High School. Currently a growing program with over 200 students, Natural Science is a class that students can take three times (Introductory, Intermediate, Advanced) but some students have taken it 4 and even 5 times. There is a 5000 sqft greenhouse, a 20+ tree orchard, a headhouse, workroom, and soil room as infrastructure to support the program. The Greenhouse has 3 sections and students work on skills in propagation, plant care, hydroponics, horticulture, gardening, sprouting, microgreening, soil management, composting, floral decorating, interioscaping, integrated pest management, landscaping, tree maintenance, and many more. Natural Science students are currently designing, building, and maintaining dozens of hydroponic systems including towers, Deep Water Culture, Nutrient Film Technique, Kratke Systems, aeroponics, and aquaponics. Please see our Instagram @natsciwagner to see some of the work we do.