Garden Tour Etiquette: Things To Know Before You Go

The host gardeners have very generously opened their gardens to you. Please show your appreciation by following proper garden tour etiquette.


Trollius. Photo by Jane Starr

  • Stay on pathways, lawns, decks or patios. Do not step in planted areas.
  • Don’t sit on or touch garden decorations
  • Leave plant tags where they are.
  • If you have small children with you, please help them to resist the temptation to pick flowers or tread on plants.
  • Be cautious around ponds and water features.
  • Do not bring pets to the gardens.
  • Do not smoke or litter.

While most garden hosts allow amateur photography, it is always best to ask the host before taking photos. If you do take photos, please be courteous. Check the Tour Ticket for permissions.

Please be cautious when viewing gardens and note that not all areas will be fully accessible to those with mobility difficulties.

Washrooms are not available at the gardens.