Membership Director

This position is a year-round job. Familiarity with database applications is an asset. The Membership Chair may recruit assistance as required.

The Membership Director’s Duties include:

  • Implementing the EHS Strategic Plan initiatives related to increasing membership
  • Conducting periodic surveys of membership
  • Providing membership reports to the Board

Some duties have been assigned to the EHS Office Administrator:

  • Processing new applications
  • Facilitating renewal of memberships
  • Distributing membership lists to Board members and Committee heads as needed
  • Ensuring help at the membership table at general meetings, displays, etc.
  • Informing Newsletter Editor and Web Site Content Chair of changes to corporate and discounter members and providing the mailing list to the newsletter
  • Maintaining membership database including Corporate, Corporate Discounters and Affiliate members

For more information or to volunteer, please use the Contact us form and select Volunteer from the drop-down subject list.