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Grow Veg Instead!

Growing Veg Instead – 5 Tips For Producing Food in Your Front Yard with Dustin Bajer
Are you looking to get more than lawn out of your front yard? Want to grow food? Join master gardener and Edmonton Food Council member Dustin Bajer for a presentation on producing food in your Edmonton front yard.
Brought to you by the Edmonton Horticultural Society and The Edmonton Food Council.

About Dustin:

Dustin Bajer planting a current in MacKinnon Ravien.

Dustin Bajer is a teacher, master gardener, and permaculture designer living and working in Edmonton. Since spring 2010, Dustin has been the driving force behind the permaculture program at Jasper Place High School. In this time, he has helped students work with ecological patterns and principles to establish multiple food producing forest gardens and Canada’s first school aquaponics system. Passionate about education, ecology, and design, Dustin believes that a vibrant local food culture could not only build and nourish our communities but increase biodiversity, capture carbon and water, and provide important project-based, hands-on learning opportunities.