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Edmonton Horticultural Society’s Annual General Meeting (short, we promise!), followed by Birds, Bugs, Gardens, and People, a presentation by John Acorn, author of Birds of Alberta and Bugs of Alberta, among many other great books.

About Our Speaker:

John Acorn

John Acorn, Curator, Renewable Resources Natural History Collection., on February 7, 2018.
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John Acorn is a biologist, and he teaches at the University of Alberta. John has been a lifelong naturalist, and he is best known for his television series Acorn, The Nature Nut, in which he blended a broad knowledge of animals with a flair for music and humour. He is also the author of some twenty books on natural history subjects, and dozens of research articles and papers. From cutting edge science to old-fashioned nature study, John enjoys and promotes a broad appreciation of the natural world around us.