Striped German Tomato


Striped German tomato is a delicious, meaty, large tomato with yellow and red marbling inside and out.

Striped German Tomato2018-09-10T20:16:04-06:00

San Marzano Tomato


San Marzano tomato fruits are plum-shaped, thin, and pointed. The flesh is thick with few seeds, and

San Marzano Tomato2018-06-06T22:37:35-06:00

Rutgers Heirloom Tomato


Rutgers Heirloom tomato has large, red fruits with a thick flesh with delicious flavor. Light: Full sun

Rutgers Heirloom Tomato2018-06-06T22:22:43-06:00

Red Pear Tomato


Red Pear tomato plants are hardy and medium-sized. They produce many small, red, pear-shaped fruits with very

Red Pear Tomato2018-06-06T22:09:43-06:00

Pineapple Tomato


Pineapple tomato has a large body, golden and red marbled skin, low acidity, solid, meaty flesh, and

Pineapple Tomato2018-06-06T21:45:51-06:00

Oxheart Tomato


Oxheart is a large, pinkish, and interestingly shaped tomato. It is very flavorful, sweet and juicy. Type: 

Oxheart Tomato2018-06-11T19:28:38-06:00

Moskvich Heirloom Tomato


Moskvich tomato fruits are round with deep red color and luscious, rich flavor. Planting depth: 1/8-1/4". Plant

Moskvich Heirloom Tomato2018-06-01T22:11:09-06:00


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