Speaker’s Series Program

The Speaker’s Series Program generally begins work in the summer or fall of one year to fill a roster of speakers for the following year.

The Speaker’s Series Program Lead

Generally supported by a committee of 3 or 4 volunteers, this is a fun job for anyone who enjoys meeting and chatting with the experts. Year-round. Recruitment begins in summer of year prior.

Duties include:

  • Arranging the speakers for nine monthly meetings
  • Collecting a photo, bio, title and session description for each speaker
  • Providing speaker information well in advance to Newsletter and Web site Chairs
  • Advertising speaker evenings
  • Arranging transportation and accommodation for out-of-town speakers
  • Ensuring that speakers reflect the interests of the membership
  • Informing Venue Manager of audio-visual needs for each meeting
  • Being on hand to welcome speaker and assist them with set-up (or a committee member)
  • Providing the Treasurer with information on honoraria or fees for each speaker prior to each meeting
  • Providing a thank you card/gift for each speaker

Other Ways to Help

  • Join the program and help the Program Lead by providing your suggestions, helping to contact speakers, and being on hand at meetings to greet speakers.!
  • Send suggestions for interesting speakers to the committee.

For more information or to volunteer, please use the Contact us form and select Volunteer from the drop-down subject list.