Newsletter Editor

This position is great for anyone interested in writing, creativity and communication. Experience not necessarily required. There can be one editor or an editorial team. This is a year-round, active position.

The Newsletter Team’s duties include:

  • Newsletter content: planning, collection, editing
  • Newsletter policies: deadlines, editorial, advertising and other policies and procedures (upon Board approval)
  • Newsletter design and layout
  • Newsletter printing
  • Newsletter distribution
  • Newsletter advertising: soliciting and managing the advertising process or working in cooperation with an Advertising Coordinator/Committee, where one exists.

Other volunteers required:

The newsletter editor is always interested in receiving gardening news, views, stories and photos from members.

A Newsletter Advertising Coordinator is required to promote advertising space in the newsletter, receive the ads, bill advertisers and liaise with the Newsletter editor.

For more information or to volunteer, please use the Contact us form and select Volunteer from the drop-down subject list.