April 29, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Muttart Conservatory
9626 96a St NW
Edmonton, AB T6C 4L8

The EHS 110 Birthday Celebration will include lots of fun stuff, including talks by Katherine Chase-Merrett, John Helder, and Ron Berezan.

Ron Berezan: Feed your soil, feed yourself

“Feed your soil, feed yourself” is the key to growing healthy food in the Edmonton area.“We are what we eat” as the old saying goes. But ultimately, we are also what our plants eat and that comes down to the soil our plants are grown in. Nutrient rich soils produce nutrient rich fruits, vegetables and herbs. This talk will explore key strategies for developing vibrant, organic living soils that enable our plants, and us, to thrive! From microbial teas, to hot compost to biochar and more -learn how you can bring life to your soil!

About Ron

Ron Berezan has been playing in the soil for most of his life. Fifteen years ago, he started The Urban Farmer in Edmonton -a small business promoting organic gardening, urban agriculture and permaculture design. Ron now works across Canada and internationally, helping communities achieve food security and sustainable food systems. Over the past ten years he has taken 27 groups to Cuba to see organic farms and urban agriculture in action. Recently, Ron founded The Good Earth which produces biochar to nurture soils, create renewable energy and sequester carbon. Ron now makes his home and grows his food in Powell River, BC.