April 14, 2021 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
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“Why flowers do what they do, better, with soot, ash & s**t”.

Enjoy a story of Serengeti fertility, Amazonian green and the post-fire blooms of Waterton National Park. Tonight’s presentation begins with the story of Brian Keating’s budding botanical interests at the impressionable age of 21. He spent that summer exploring the tundra on Canada’s Ellesmere Island. He walked some 800 km, collecting, pressing, mounting and keying out the delicate blooms found 1,000 km south of the North Pole. Wolves, muskox and hypothermia, mixed with willow and saxifrage, will be topics of interest.

Then we’ll look at why dung, soot and dust make things grow so much better. We will explore selected African and South American locations, then return to Alberta to visit to see the blooms of Waterton National Park just after the big fire.

Brian’s passion for remote travel will be revealed as only he can. His buoyant storytelling is punctuated throughout with humor and personal anecdotes. This presentation is a celebration of the wild and colourful places that still exist on our beautiful planet. It will inspire, enthuse, and offer hope for a better tomorrow.

About Brian Keating

Well known on CBC Homestretch, Brian has been called “Canada’s wildlife explorer extraordinaire.” In Forever Young Magazine, writer Carol Patterson dubs him “Canada’s Real-Life Indiana Jones,” and Brian says he has no plans to stop anytime soon! He is Honorary Conservation Advisor at the Calgary Zoo and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Anthropology, U of Calgary, to name but a few of the hats he wears. Check out Brian and his travels on his website: www.goingwild.org

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