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Wilf Maul, July 2014 Volunteer of the Month

Congratulations Wilf!

maul_vomIf you’ve ever admired the covers and colored photographs in recent Gardener’s Gate issues, you will find that many of these have been contributed by Wilf Maul, who takes delight in sharing the beauty of his acreage just west of Edmonton. Wilf and his wife, Brigitte, purchased a “cow pasture” in 1970 and turned it into a magnificent oasis they call home. Flowing waterfalls, ponds, castles, a mountain, and copious numbers of colourful flower beds adorn their property.

Since becoming a member and an avid supporter of the EHS in the 1990’s, Wilf has opened his heart and his home to us through the Open Gardens program, and to other garden-lovers as well. One will also see Wilf snapping photographs at EHS functions, as well as for Front Yards in Bloom and the EHS Archives. Wilf seems to have an endless supply of time, talent, knowledge and plants to share with fellow gardeners. He has won garden competitions, photography competitions and was the first to receive the EHS Gardener of the Year Award in 2008.

We are delighted to recognize Wilf Maul as the Volunteer of the Month, July, 2014.

Wilf received a $20 gift card for Flowers on 50th, as well as a Volunteer of the Month certificate.

Our thanks to Flowers on 50th for supporting our Volunteers.


Sally Lore, June 2014 Volunteer of the Month

Congratulations Sally  vines_and_climbers_2_nd_sherry_brownlee_oct17_2109

Sally’s welcoming smile exemplifies her positive energy and personal satisfaction in giving back to the community through volunteerism. She learned the importance of volunteering early on and has served on many local boards and committees, including Northlands and the Klondike Days Association, as well as currently chairing Club and Community Services for the Rotary Club and sitting as a member of the University of Alberta Senate.

Sally’s gardening-related organizational skills led to her role as an initial organizer and co-chair for the Alberta Ballet’s House and Garden Tour, but we know Sally best for her liaison with the City of Edmonton and Communities in Bloom Canada…our Front Yards in Bloom program.

This spring, Sally joined the EHS Board of Directors and took on the job of organizing a successful Volunteer Appreciation event at the Enjoy Center in June. We are pleased to announce Sally Lore as June Volunteer of the Month! Congratulations Sally, and thank you.

Sally received a $20 gift card for Flowers on 50th, as well as a Volunteer of the Month certificate.

Our thanks to Flowers on 50th for supporting our Volunteers.

Britta Johnson, May 2014 Volunteer of the Month

20090525_6448Congratulations Britta

Britta has gardened most of her adult life and has recently created an amazing showcase of perennial beds and a spectacular water feature at her new home. She also over-winters an array of canna lilies, dahlias, gladioli and other tender bulbs. Many members have been fortunate to receive gifts of her plants.

Britta is currently an EHS Board member and Chair of the EHS City Gardeners­–a dedicated team of volunteers who take great pride in maintaining the EHS Centennial Garden as well as rose, perennial and lilac beds on the grounds of the Muttart Conservatory. She has also been Open Gardens Chair and regularly helps with many other EHS activities, including our new Share What You Grow, August event. On top of these significant contributions, this Spring Britta went above and beyond to secure and organize the rescue of over 100 perennials from the display beds at the former Wellington Garden Centre for sale at our Spring Plant Exchange and Sale. Her dedication to gardening seemingly knows no bounds! The EHS is a fortunate beneficiary of this dedication. Thank you Britta, for all you do.

Britta received a $20 gift card from Flowers on 50th, and a Volunteer of the Month certificate along with our gratitude.


Our thanks to Flowers on 50th for supporting our Volunteers.

Neil Lang, April 2014 Volunteer of the Month

Congratulations to Neil Lang

“Edmonton rocks when it comes to volunteers”, said Neil Lang, several years ago. With his booming voice and giant smile, he has long been an inspiration to many who volunteer for the EHS.

Neil was a foundin11716_132_avenue.jpgg originator of the City of Edmonton’s Front Yards in Bloom in 1999. From 150 nominations then to 2300 in 2013, Edmonton’s Front Yards in Bloom program is now the largest of its kind in Canada. Under Neil’s guidance, Winterscapes was added this year to celebrate creative ways to decorate outdoor spaces during the long winter months.

Recently, Neil also took on the challenge of EHS Casino Chair. This is a very important fundraiser for the EHS. Neil organized the scheduling and logistics for 30 volunteers during the two-day event and even worked two long shifts, himself, one ending at 4am! Again, his big smile kept everyone going.

This June, Neil will be running Front Yards in Bloom Judging Workshops as well as organizing the actual event in July. Neil always goes above and beyond to make sure whatever project or fundraiser he is passionate about is successful.

We are very proud to recognize Neil Lang as April Volunteer of the Month! Neil received a $20 gift card from Flowers on 50th, and a Volunteer of the Month certificate along with our gratitude.

Our thanks to Flowers on 50th for supporting our Volunteers.

Linda Thomas and Eric Koroluk, March 2014 Volunteers of the Month

Congratulations to Linda and Eric

Ever since Linda and Eric came on the EHS Board of Directors just over a year ago they have contributed a lot to the EHS. Every activity this dynamic duo has participated in or organized has enhanced the EHS profile.

As Co-Chairs, they made Open Gardens their own. With all of the great reports and accolades they received, we will surely miss them at this post! They were involved in the Roots for Trees event last year. They assist with setting up the audio-visual equipment required to run meetings successfully and are always the last ones to leave for the evening, making sure all of the tables and equipment have been securely replaced. They were an integral part of the EHS office clean-up prior to renovations, as well.

Both Linechinacia_img_4060_Oct20_2204da and Eric are serving on the Communications Committee. The Gardener’s Gate is published under their guidance (with the help of a team, they hasten to say), and what a fantastic job!  Eric even pitched in as minute-taker for the Board of Directors’ meeting when our Secretary was away.

Linda and Eric have worked tirelessly for the EHS. They are wonderful role models and perfect recipients for the Volunteer(s) of the Month.

Our volunteers of the month receive a gift card donated by Flowers on 50th.