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Linda Thomas and Eric Koroluk, March 2014 Volunteers of the Month

Congratulations to Linda and Eric

Ever since Linda and Eric came on the EHS Board of Directors just over a year ago they have contributed a lot to the EHS. Every activity this dynamic duo has participated in or organized has enhanced the EHS profile.

As Co-Chairs, they made Open Gardens their own. With all of the great reports and accolades they received, we will surely miss them at this post! They were involved in the Roots for Trees event last year. They assist with setting up the audio-visual equipment required to run meetings successfully and are always the last ones to leave for the evening, making sure all of the tables and equipment have been securely replaced. They were an integral part of the EHS office clean-up prior to renovations, as well.

Both Linechinacia_img_4060_Oct20_2204da and Eric are serving on the Communications Committee. The Gardener’s Gate is published under their guidance (with the help of a team, they hasten to say), and what a fantastic job!  Eric even pitched in as minute-taker for the Board of Directors’ meeting when our Secretary was away.

Linda and Eric have worked tirelessly for the EHS. They are wonderful role models and perfect recipients for the Volunteer(s) of the Month.

Our volunteers of the month receive a gift card donated by Flowers on 50th.

Maggie Neilson, February 2014 Volunteer of the Month

Congratulation to Maggie Neilson

Maggie is a longtime member, landscape designer, horticulturist, arborist and owner of Deep Roots Garden Design. She volunteered her time in the Spring of 2012 and 2013 to organize and run the EHS Compost Sale fundraiser. In 2012 Maggie also volunteered her lovely garden for the EHS Garden Tour and very graciously welcomed and shared her knowledge with ticketholders. In February of 2014 Maggie was our Speaker, again sharing her knowledge and passion for garden design with a large turnout of members and guests.

It is members like you who help us shine, Maggie. Thank you!

GG Aug 09 Rudbeckia I_fmt1   Our volunteer of the month receives a bouquet of flowers donated by Flowers on 50th.

Carol Lotzgeselle, January 2014 Volunteer of the Month

Congratulations to Carol Lotzgeselle       by_any_other_name,_roses_of_course,_1_st,_britta_johnson_Oct17_2101

After many, many years of serving the EHS as a Board member, which included four years as Treasurer, two years organizing Open Gardens, co-organizing the garden tour, organizing the volunteer appreciation nights, helping with Bench Shows, and later co-organizing Open Gardens with husband Heiko, Carol stepped down in 2012. However, in her “retirement” Carol took on the job of running our 2012 Casino—our biggest fundraiser and a job that involves recruiting and scheduling volunteers, and  attending to the paperwork and submissions to the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission.

Carol is a loyal member who continues to help out with jobs such as garden tour gatekeeper. Also, this past summer Carol and Heiko opened their garden to share their new water feature as well as many award-winning roses and their lovely perennials.

Although this recognition is long overdue, thank you Carol for taking on so many jobs that have brought great benefits to the EHS.

Our volunteer of the month receives a bouquet of flowers donated by Flowers on 50th.


Eileen Sabo, November 2013 Volunteer of the Month

Congratulations to Eileen Sabo

Eileen is one of our many dependable volunteers. When a signup sheet appears for an event or when help is needed, Eileen’s name always appears on the list. Thank you Eileen for being so reliable.

Maureen Elhatton, October 2013 Volunteer of the Month

Congratulations to Maureen Elhatton

volunteerMaureen always writes an article upon request for the Gardener’s Gate. Those articles are unique, informative and interesting. She also opened her garden for Open Gardens this past season — a treat for those of who visited. Maureen is a dedicated gardener who loves lilies and kindly donates a large number of lily bulbs to the EHS Plant Exchange. Thank you Maureen!