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May Volunteer of the Month – Bert Yeudall

Bert Yeudall is a man of strength and wonder! Only a couple of years ago, Bert had a major health challenge, but true to the “power of life” and with the support of his wife, Bernie, and friends, he overcame. Now Bert is a force to be reckoned with.

You may recognize Bert at every member’s meeting, introducing the speaker for the evening. He has been a integral part of the Speakers Committee for the last 2 years. Well done, Bert! We have enjoyed the selection of speakers you and the committee have procured.

Bert and Bernie have been long standing members of the Edmonton Horticultural Society. Volunteerism is not a foreign word in the Yeudall household. Years ago, they were involved with the Edmonton Home and Garden Show representing the EHS. Their task was to show children how to plant and grow Scarlet Runner Beans. Such fun!

On the home front, Bert and Bernie’s garden is legendary. This is a garden that has been nominated several times for Front Yards in Bloom. Also, throughout the years this very same garden has witnessed many EHS members, wandering through it for Open Gardens. We not only have been astonished by Bernie’s creative vision, but also have admired Bert’s carpentry skills of arbour and bench constructions.

Bert Yeudall, a true Renaissance Man.

We are very proud to announce Bert Yeudall as May Volunteer of the Month! Bert received a 20 dollar gift card from Flowers on 50th and a Volunteer of the Month certificate.


April Volunteer of the Month – Lori Holowaychuk

Lori has been an astounding addition to our great program.  More than a year ago, Lori wanted to increase her commitment to the EHS, but it was the keen eye of our President, Pat McKendrick, who guided her to lead the Workshops and Small Talks portfolio.  Lori has jumped on the bandwagon and it was full steam ahead.  Her bubbling personality and leadership skills have been a valuable asset to our organization.

Lori is also an avid vegetable gardener.  Her sweet peas are already on the go and she actually managed to salvage a potted chocolate mint plant from last year.  A multitude of seeds are waiting for Lori’s careful and gentle hand to lay them into the soil.

We are very proud to announce Lori Holowaychuk as April Volunteer of the Month!  Lori received a 20 dollar gift card from Flowers on 50th, and a Volunteer of the Month certificate.


March Volunteer of the Month: Helen Routh



Helen Routh

Helen, Helen, sweet, sweet Helen,

How does your garden grow?

With silver bells, and cockle shells,

And pretty maids all in a row.

A few liberties were taken with the nursery rhyme; however, the Volunteer of the Month, Helen Routh, is not only a woman who is extremely efficient and conscientious in her business role, but she is also a woman with a definite playful side.

I first witnessed her good nature when she underwent surgery to her foot last year.  I felt so badly for her pain, but the good natured woman was quick to reply with her humorous wry wit.  It put a huge smile on my face!

Helen Routh has been a member with the Edmonton Horticultural Society, off and on since 2002.  Volunteerism is not unknown to her.  Helen has had a variety of different roles during this time:  Venue Manager, Volunteer Co-ordinator, and even had her garden open for Open Gardens.  More recently, she was the Board of Directors Secretary.

Helen’s work ethnic is second to none.   The day after a Board Meeting, the minutes were sent out to each Board Member before any of the Directors had their first cup of coffee the following morning.  Very impressive, indeed!  EHS was fortunate to have a very qualified person in the role of Board Secretary for 2 years.

Back to Helen’s garden…..

Helen and her husband are in the process of creating/building a seating area in front of their home.   In addition, every fall, Helen plants tulip bulbs so that she will have a colourful display first thing in the Spring.  Tulips are her favourite flower.  No wonder!  What fun would it be to sit and enjoy this area, with tulips a-bloom and beautiful butterflies flitting back and forth, dancing gracefully from one delicious nectar feast to another!

In their backyard, a huge vegetable garden dominates.   Practicing good horticultural habits always produces bountiful yields!  Colourful blooms frame the area.

To describe Helen:  the silver bells are the beauty within her; the cockle shells are the jewels that surround her; and the pretty maidens are the butterflies.

So, Helen is indeed a force to be reckoned with.  She plans to continue volunteering with the EHS, working and then sitting in the garden, enjoying the bounty of the garden and watching butterflies.

It gives me great pleasure to announce Helen Routh as the Volunteer of the Month, March, 2015.

Helen received a gift certificate from Flowers on 50th, Volunteer of the Month certificate and a copy of the complete script.

Pat and Jon Brehaut: Volunteers of the Month: January/February 2015

Pat and Jon

By Renita Eilertson

Pat and Jon

Pat and Jon. Photo supplied by Pat Brehaut

What a creative team! Each person, contributing their talents in different ways, and yet working together for EHS since 1998. It was evident from the onset that their goal was to make the Edmonton Horticultural Society a success. Such dedication deserves recognition.

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Donna Bagdan, 2014 Volunteer of the Year

At the September 2014 Awards Evening, this special award was presented for outstanding volunteerism.

Congratulations Donna!

Donna has ably Chaired the Garden Tour for the past three years, taking this important EHS event it to a new level of prestige that attracted media attention and sold out crowds. Donna was successful in recruiting some of Edmonton's most attractive gardens for the tour three years running, managing a record number of enthusiastic volunteer gatekeepers, increasing the profile of the tour and the EHS through promotional activities and partnerships with the gardening/business community and local media, and raising more funds that ever before.

Always a warm and enthusiastic EHS ambassador, Donna organized a volunteer appreciation event for EHS volunteers in 2013 and is involved annually in the Edmonton Communities in Bloom program, including emceeing the Edmonton in Bloom Awards event each August.


Donna's award-winning garden


Donna's professional expertise in the filed of design has led to the creation of a spectacular, award-winning home garden that she and partner, Brian Heidecker tend with care and share frequently with guests. Donna has also lent her design and management skills this year to the renovation of the EHS office.

While the EHS is fortunate to have a number of talented and committed volunteers, we are pleased to recognize accomplishments above and beyond expectation in presenting Donna with a Volunteer of the Year award.


Donna received a special plaque, a $20 gift card for Flowers on 50th, as well as a Volunteer of the Year certificate.

Our thanks to Flowers on 50th for supporting our Volunteers.