FRIDAY, APRIL 18, 2014

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NEW EHS Workshop Series

The EHS presents a three-part workshop series on Spring, Summer and Fall Garden Maintenance with Kevin Napora*

Part I: Spring Garden Maintenance

Sunday, April 6, 2014  2-4pm, at Salisbury Greenhouse

We are inundated with images of serene and happy gardeners laughing and enjoying a sip of lemonade in their pristine gardens. Yet so often the reality for us is foot-high Canada thistle and bouquets of dandelions. This first of a three-part workshop series will take us week by week through the important tasks in getting the garden up and running. This Spring session will cover early pruning, lawn care (dethatching, aerating, fertilizing) and garden rejuvenating (soil amendment, weeding and planting.)

Space is limited. Register for the April 6 Session NOW to avoid disappointment. 
$10 for EHS members, $15 for non-members

Part II: Summer Garden Maintenance

 Sunday June 22, 2014

We are off to a great start. The Spring flowers are finishing, our vegetable gardens are sprouting and fruit is starting to set. Unfortunately so are weeds, pest and fungal problems. Cultural practices (good husbandry) are your best weapons to protect your plants, thus use y our sprays. During this session, we will look at proper pruning and hedging, learn the types of weeds and the best methods for control.

Watch for details and Registration information

Part III: Fall Garden Maintenance

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Summer finishes all too quickly. Relaxing evenings with friends, morning coffee in the garden listening to birds sing are wonderful memories,, but holy cow! Get off the couch! Winter is coming! We will cover a whirlwind of topics on soil, perennial cut back, shrub pruning and winter protection (roses, rhododendrons, hydrangeas…).

Watch for details and Registration information

*Kevin Napora
Landscape Designer, Master Gardener. B.Sc. Agric

A passionate landscape designer, Kevin Napora’s primary training is in traditional English gardens, which is a concept of working with perennials, and creating dynamic movement with colour and texture. For the last ten years, he has been dealing in mostly residential landscape design and installation, which has allowed him to see his creativity come to fruition. Kevin has acquired his Master Gardener certification and he is also certified in pruning and Japanese garden design. Kevin has received more than 12 awards throughout the years and is now often asked to judge those very same competitions.

He is a long-time EHS supporter who worked on the design of our EHS Centennial Garden, has spoken to us many time on garden design and, along with his partner Rob, shared his gorgeous home garden on the EHS Garden Tour in 2013.

2014 Flowers and Produce Categories


  • Single stem of your choice
  • Bouquet (with one variety of bloom)
  • Bouquet (with 3 or more different varieties of bloom)


  • Fruit
  • Tomatoes (3 different varieties)
  • Gourd (includes squash, melon, pumpkin, even zucchini and purely ornamental gourds)
  • Non-traditional vegetable colours (such as purple carrots, yellow beets or blue potatoes)
  • Warm zone vegetables (watermelon, artichokes, peppers,eggplant, cantaloupe, etc.)
  • Weird and wacky (strangely shaped vegetable)
  • Herb assortment (minimum of 3 different varieties)
  • Produce centrepiece (use your imagination to arrange fruit, vegetables, and flowers in an attractive manner)

Annual General Meeting is Announced

Notice to EHS Members: The 2014 Annual General Meeting of the EHS (reporting on the 2013 year) will be held at 7:30pm on February 24, 2014 at the Central Lions Seniors Recreation Centre, 11113-113 Street, Edmonton. Members, please attend. For more information please select “General Information” in our Contact Us form. Speaker presentation will follow the AGM (see EHS Speaker Series).

2013 Share What You Grow a Success

Our first Share What You Grow Show/August Speaker Evening showcased a new concept that combined a photo contest, bench show and three short talks. The numbers of entries in the bench show was slightly disappointing but there were numerous entries in the photo contest. The positive response from those who attended ensures we will continue with the format next year. Many people that they are already planning what vegetables to plant next spring, in preparation for the show.

Photo Competition

There were some stunning photos entered in four separate categories and the audience judged the top three entries in each category.  Click here to see the winners.

Bench Show

There were 9 categories for fruit and vegetables and 3 for flowers with some beautiful and inventive displays. A variety of roses, sunflowers, lilies, hydrangeas and mixed bouquets were later donated to a senior complex to brighten their common areas.  The gourd category was well represented with zucchinis; spaghetti squash and a good sized pumpkin donated by Elsie Fee, while a wide variety of tomatoes were brought in by Jane Starr. A couple of members artistically arranged baskets with an assortment of vegetables that proved they can be beautiful as well as tasty. All the fruit and vegetables were donated to Meals on Wheels, an organization that benefits greatly from gardeners’ surplus.

hydrangeas_Nov16_1852  sunflowers_Nov16_1849roses_Nov16_1851

tomatoes_Nov16_1859 gourds_Nov16_1854 bun_squash_Nov16_1858

Short Presentations by Local Gardeners

Maggie Easton spoke about her favourite late blooming perennials, Jane Starr told us about the unusual vegetables she has grown in her garden and Britta Johnson shared her method for overwintering begonia and canna lily tubers.

Thank you to the members who helped with the setup and participated in the show . We look forward to increased participation next year. While most of the bench show categories will remain the same, there will be new photo categories, so make sure to check your January newsletter so you can order your seeds and take lots of pictures next summer. We look forward to seeing all your entries!!

Maggie Easton: September 2013 Volunteer of the Month

Congratulations to Maggie Easton

volunteerMaggie Easton joined the EHS in 1998 and has given back to Edmonton gardeners ever since. In this time, she has impacted almost every EHS program and project.

Here is just a taste of her many contributions: led the Speakers Committee in 2003, helped to guide Front Yards in Bloom to great success, contributed countless articles and photos to the Gardener’s Gate, led the Photo Competition, served as photographer and slide show presenter for the Garden Competition, steered the Garden Tour over four years, and chaired the events committee for the international Communities in Bloom 2012 conference. Currently Maggie is a sitting Director and liaison with the City regarding impacts of LRT construction on the EHS Centennial Garden.  Serving on the Board of Directors for some some 10 years now, Maggie was EHS President from 2004 to 2009.

Beyond her volunteering, Maggie is a fabulous gardener and rosarian.  EHS is a stronger organization because of Maggie’s tireless efforts. Hats off to Maggie!