Category: Photography

Submitting Images to the EHS

By submitting images to the EHS, including entries to EHS competitions, the photographer provides the EHS with full usage rights for all images submitted. Copyright remains with the photographer.

EHS Photography Group

Are you a photo enthusiast? Do you enjoy taking flower or garden photos? Do you keep photographic records of your garden? Or do you occasionally get out that old camera and take a snap? Are you interested in sharing with and learning from other photographers? If any of these apply to you, consider joining the EHS Photography Group.

The purpose of the EHS Photography Group is to encourage EHS members to improve their flower and garden photography while taking photographs of EHS events, their own or others` gardens or any other horticultural-related subject and sharing these images with the Gardener`s Gate, the EHS Website and the EHS Photo Archives for publication in a variety of ways and as a lasting record. See our Image Policies (listed in sidebar) for more information.

Through field trips to local garden spots to take photos as well as recording EHS activities and programs, such as the Plant Exchange, EHS City Gardeners' activities, Front Yards in Bloom, the Garden Competition, Open Gardens or even EHS meetings, Photography Group members learn from each other and practice new techniques, with both digital and film cameras.

Photography Group members must be a member in good standing of the EHS.

To participate in the EHS Photography Group, contact the Photography Coordinator, select Photography in the Contact us form.

Our Use of Images Policy

By providing a photographic or other image to the EHS, you warrant that you are the copyright owner of the image or have been given the rights to use and share the image and are granting the EHS the right to publish the image(s) in the Gardener's Gate and on the EHS web site, and use them at any EHS exhibition, promotional or educational event in perpetuity. Usage includes the right to make minor modifications, such as post-processing adjustments, minor cropping or fading for a particular purpose, but that do not result in a substantive change to the image.

Other than these specific usage rights, the copyright in the photograph or other image remains with the copyright holder and these images can not be copied or appropriated by any other person. Downloading these images for uses other than the above, without the express consent of the copyright holder constitutes copyright infringement.