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Related Gardening Resources

  • All-American Selections (AAS) is a resource of flowers and vegetables that have been tested by a network of independent judges Throughout the US and Canada) who have determined that their garden performance was superior. The site provides information you need to conduct or enter AAS trials, write articles and grow flowers and vegetables from seed.
  • National Gardening Association (NGA) offers an Expert Advice section that provides very practical "how-to-do-it" advice on simple to complex gardening activities (e.g. pruning climbing rose, growing tomatoes).
  • Deer-Resistant Plants lists plants least likely to be damaged by deer. Not a foolproof list as selection for food by deer depends on habitat conditions and availability of other food sources.
  • North America Native Plant Database has over 7,000 native plants that can be researched through multiple search factors.
  • Tom Clothier's Garden Walk and Talk Initially, the purpose of these articles was to eliminate the repetitive nature of answering the same questions over and over every year on various gardening forums. It covers many subjects.
  • Pesticide and Pest Management and Pest Notes are resources available from Health Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA)
  • Rodale Institute offers organic solutions that maybe applied to your garden.
  • Healthy Lawns Canada covers many aspects of starting a lawn and maintaining a lawn.
  • Clematis on the Web is a database containing over 3200 varieties.
  • Ellis Bird Farm is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the protections of Alberta cavity-nesting birds.
  • Canadian Growing Zones Plant hardiness of Canada 2000 provided by Agriculture Canada.
  • Landscape guide your resource for artistic landscape and garden design.




  • The U of A's Devonian Botanic Garden is 190-acre property made up of manicured gardens, mixed woodland vegetation and an extensive nature trail system. Their Web site includes information on the display gardens, their collections and research, education courses, facility rentals and more.
  • St. Albert Botanic Park is a public garden entirely designed, planted and maintained by residents in the community. The site includes information on visiting the garden as well as plant sales and courses.
  • Olds College Botanic Garden is a collection of specialty gardens, with each bed featuring its own personality and display of prairie hardy plants. The botanic garden conserves and maintains its collection and actively encourages new plant introductions and applied research. It also serves as a living classroom for their horticultural programs. This site includes a resource list of cut flowers.


  • The U of A's Devonian Botanic Garden offers a wide variety of adult education courses year round as well as children's programs. Horticulture (including a Master Gardener program), design, arts, and personal wellness are just a few of the adult Continuing Education Courses offered.
  • Olds College, located in Olds Alberta, offers a wide selection of courses and programs on horticulture and gardening-related subjects, including continuing education courses.
  • St. Albert Botanic Park offers seasonal gardening courses for adults and a "Little sprouts" program for children. On-line registration available.
  • Organic Master Gardener Multicultural Heritage Centre, Stony Plain offers the Organic Master Gardener program. A unique initiative offered in a partnership with Victoria's Gaia College. The program includes 78 instructional hours, taught by several Edmonton-area organic horticulture teachers. Following the model of Master Gardener programs throughout the continent, the program combines classroom instruction, volunteer hours, and individual work projects, all within the organic gardening perspective. Participants receive a certificate of completion upon meeting all of the program's requirements.