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EHS City Gardeners

The Edmonton Horticultural Society City Gardeners is a dedicated team of volunteer gardeners who take great pride in maintaining the EHS Centennial Garden in the Henrietta Muir-Edwards Park, as well as a rose bed, perennial bed and lilac bed on the grounds of the Muttart Conservatory.Muttart Beds

The team includes Master Gardeners, veteran and novice gardeners. Although this is an EHS member-centered activity, interested non-members are welcome to join in the gardening sessions on the Muttart grounds. A great learning process takes place when the gardeners meet and work en masse or in teams. Novice gardeners absorb many gardening tips from their experienced peers. Veteran gardeners revitalize old skills and knowledge when mentoring or coaching novice gardeners. Friendships are formed through common horticultural interests. Plants from each other’s garden’s change hands, and refreshment breaks tend to be lively exchanges of gardening stories and experiences.

The gardening year usually begins in early May with spring cleaning of the planted beds in the Centennial Garden, as well as those on the grounds of the Muttart Conservatory. This is generally followed by inspection and pruning of the roses, which provides an excellent hands-on learning opportunity for those volunteers new to rose growing.

As soon as the weather allows in late May, or early June, volunteer gardeners turn out for a mass cleaning of the beds. The gardening schedule is planned by the chair of the committee.

Throughout the growing season, the gardeners carried out routine maintenance such as weeding, staking, deadheading, edging, observing and recording and when necessary, replacement planting in the perennial bed and in the themed beds of the Centennial Garden. Bulbs may be planted in early fall. Pending the timing of the first frost, the team will meet for a major fall clean-up of the beds and that will signal the end of the gardening year for the EHS City Gardeners.

For more information on getting involved with the EHS City Gardeners, email the chair by selecting EHS City Gardeners in the Contact Us form or phone 780-456-3324.